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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Adrian Lamo is going to jail. What an unfortunate fate for the �gray hacker�. Lamo could be in for a rough time. He will need protection from being �flipped� and penetrated against his will. No one likes being �flipped� against his or her will. It is a very unfortunate fate. It is always uncomfortable to have someone impose on (and in this case in) your space.

Prisons have rules all their own. Guards rarely intervene in the social structure of a prison. As long as all the prisoners know they are on top of the food chain guards rarely intervene. The only sure protection is solitary confinement and not for punishment reasons but the safety of the person confined.

Another way prisoners find safety is by joining gangs within the prison. These gangs usually break down along racial lines and in many cases promote a very racist (as defined in the US - no group is above being racist) ideologies or these gangs break down along (non mainstream) religious lines or region of country or a whole list of traits and practices (I don�t know if computer criminal or geek is one of them). These groups provide some protection or backup for the imprisoned.

If you are one of those people who like doing things alone and tend not to socialize too much you will be (I must emphasize) �flipped�. Lamos�s size and stature makes him easy pickings. I suggest a course of weightlifting, and/or karate before he goes. The martial arts are always a plus to know in testy situations.

Of course when our criminal justice system finishes with him he�ll come out jaded and a more skilled criminal picking up all the types of criminal activities or �tricks of the trade� if you will that are to be learned in a prison. After being worked over in prison and with a new set of skills the gray hacker can become an extremely skilled dark hacker. Nothing like the rehabilitating powers of our prison system : - )

Monday, January 12, 2004

I’ve been using message boards more lately. I find that I can usually find an answer to a question I have by going to a message board that deals with a subject I have in mind and I can post a question of my own if I like.

I have posted questions and got mixed results. Sometimes I get an answer (of various quality or usefulness) and sometimes I don’t. Even if I don’t get an answer to a question I post I usually find useful or informative information posted on the site in response to someone else’s question.

I think I will put message boards to use more and more. I will probably join more message boards. They don’t ask for too much information and if they do you could use your ‘internet persona’ if you know what I mean.

I may start putting other interactive groups to more use also. I may subscribe to newsgroups and mailing list. I already subscribe to some newsletters sent out by various organizations but I’m beginning to find the newsletter less useful and more something that takes up space in an email account.

I’m beginning to find out that it may be easier to go to the website that publishes the newsletter than have a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter sent to my email address.

Newsgroups and message boards provide the necessary current and timely information one sometimes need and that big businesses and organizations just cannot provide. I do see myself joining more message boards and newsgroups

Still having some problems with this blog site. Whenever I post a blog a copy of the posting is mailed to my email address. The last posting to this blog was delivered to my email address twice. I find that odd and if it happens again will have to consult the question and answer pages of, which means I will probably have to email them about the problem. Text is also not being rendered properly. The series of periods I have at the beginning of my last blog entry are of different boldness (series of dots are used to indicate prolonged pause, the absence of text, or that quoted text continues among other things).

I wonder what’s going on at It seems like things are going backwards. More problems are arising in a shorter span of time. I hope they get their act together again soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

The last month the word ubiquitous has been….well…..ubiquitous. Its like someone used the word once and all of the sudden everyone is using it. If I hear that word one more time I’ll ‘sheet’.

I have read some books that gave me a similar desire. You know those types of books assigned to you in high school or college like Paradise Lost, Sound and Fury, or some anthology of poetry (usually by ancient English and Irish poets with the occasional American thrown in). I remember sitting in a literary class trying to interpret the meaning of a poem and all of a sudden from the far side of the class a student burst out in Gaelic and the English professor smiled and responded in Gaelic. It was a lively conversation as all the other students sat there looking perplexed. It can more accurately be described as cross-eyed since no one else understood Gaelic. I sat there with an expression on my face that basically said, wwwwhhhhhhaaaat?

I’ll let you in on a little secret about interpreting poetry. You usually have to know the biography and history of the poet and the times, which the poet lived to know or attempt to understand a poem. Sometime the scholars are just guessing at the meaning of a poem and a poem can take on new meaning to a different audience or individual. Remember judgment of all art forms is highly subjective.

So the reason I thought wwwwhhhhhhaaaat is because the skill of this student and the poetry (ancient Irish) we were studying at the time was way above that of most in the class and this one student would destroy the grade distribution on test or papers because of his advanced knowledge. The smiling professor and his smiling (Cheshire cat- did you ever see the Charlie Brown comic strip where the Cheshire cat would smile and disappear with the only thing remaining visible being the teeth?) student made my ass ache.

By the way William Faulkner’s novel Sound and Fury made me want to jump out of a three-story window. As I read through it I realized the brilliance but thought, ‘why!?’

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