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Friday, January 09, 2004

Favorite song of 2003 was Drops Of Jupiter by Train. The complete arrangement is original but especially the lyrics and the way they are enunciated. He squeezes them together (listen to the song to hear what I am talking about). It sounds like he is reading a very long sentence or to breathlessness (to the point he must inhale). The lyrics are not the only thing good about the song. The whole piece is beautifully composed.

I don’t know why this subject came up. I guess because I heard the song and thought about how original it is to me. I am not really a fan of Train but this song by Train will stick in my mind as one of the most pleasurable pieces of music to hear.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I’ve decided to use this blog site again after seeing that the issue I was complaining about was resolved. I still have reservations about using this blog site because of the problems I was having with this account but problems do occur with computers (but they usually do not involve the altering of text on a blog).

I’m trying to decide if I am going to install Linux (in a separate partition) on the hard drive I have Windows 2000 Prof. on or use the three gig drive I presently have Debian Linux installed on. I installed it on this small drive for testing purposes. I formatted it into two partitions (one root the other swap).

This is not the way one should set up Linux but it is only temporary. I will probably wipe out and install Debian dozens of times before I decide to use an install for a long time and even when I get to that point I will still probably wipe it out and install it again after a year or two but then again maybe not. Linux is not like Windows.

There have been so many major problems with the Debian Linux organization of late that to use their flavor of Linux is almost not worth it. It was also a pain to install a completely functional version of Debian and now to read of all the problems they are having with the security of their flavor is disconcerting. I still have an old flavor of Mandrake Linux around that I can use if necessary but I still prefer to use the Debian flavor because of their Social Contract and the ability to shape and form it into a truly personalized version or new flavor of Linux.

I was already supposed to be using Linux online by now but I fell a little bit behind due to other pressing issues. I also needed drivers that could enable me to use a wireless network card with Linux. Some drivers for this purpose just recently became available but not in a RPM or Deb package so I will have to install it the old fashioned way (from binaries or source) which mean I may have some problems with missing libraries among other problems.

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