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Saturday, December 20, 2003

This will be the last posting I will make to this blog due to the technical difficulties I mentioned in the last blog entry. I think this is a good place to rate the website.

I expected great improvement when Google brought but the improvements were not that great. We did get some new and improved features that could have made the blogging experience on better for some users but many of these features I did not use.

What I have discovered is a continuation of many of the issues that plagued before Google purchased it. The problems I have had and in some instances still having are configuration tools that don’t work, strange morphing of text entered on my blog (things like quotation marks turning to inverted question marks and other unknown markings or scripts), the server being down when I want to blog and the unresponsiveness of to complaints. And I never understood why my blog ended up on What, there is no site called to put my blog on? Overall I give the people a grade of C+. Many improvements are needed to make it an A grade operation.

I am going to miss this blog but if you want to find me point your browser to (or lookup backgroundchat on the site) and you’ll find me blogging away.

Looks like I have some blog text entry problems. I do not really understand this problem but I will probably have to re-enter the text for the last few blogs published. Since this blog has an edit feature I will attempt to do this by editing each blog individually. Yes, I do keep copies of everything posted so this should not be that complicated to do. It looks like a copy/cut and paste operation.

I decided to email my blog posting to an email account to have even another copy of my blog entries.

This problem occurred before with both of my blogs using the blogging site. I hope the problem is on my end and not with the site.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I went to see the last chapter in the Lord Of The Rings. Not in a long time have I witnessed a marketing machine go into full gear and maintain its momentum for so long. Lord of The Rings kept its marketing machine rolling through the strategic release of computer games based on the films (The world of Lord Of The Rings is really a gamer’s paradise) and various types of releases of the movie (like director’s cut, package sets, etc.) on DVD.

Even the news, talk and other types of programs seem to be part of the marketing campaign. The actors and actresses make all the rounds and go to or are interviewed by all the programs that want to speak with them. News programs constantly talk about the film. They bring in critics to talk about the film. The critic reviews and ratings are mentioned on these news programs and in the papers, magazines or web pages they write for. Fake postings are made to message boards that deal with movie (most are posted by real fans though).

You can usually tell what the highest grossing film for a week is going to be. If a movie gets heavy coverage on news programs, is praised by most of the film critics, is heavily marketed using various methods (especially to pre-teen and teen demographic), and the actors and actresses heavily promote it then the film will probably be the number one ‘grosser’ most of the time. Without all of these elements coming together it is more of a hit or miss as to what will be the top moneymaker of the week.

The Lord Of The Rings-The Return Of The King is a good movie but I liked it less than the first two. It seemed to drag for the first third of the movie as it built the storylines. The second third of the movie is excellent. This is the part that included the most major battle of the movie. The movie really hops during this third. The final third of the movie is kind of uncomfortable as the story begins to wind down with multiple climatic and emotional moments.

It feels like the movie should end at multiple points throughout the story. In fact the end of the climatic battle in the second third of the movie feels like the movie could end there. This feature may be genius in a book but not so in a movie.

The film delivers in spades for the medieval (for lack of a more precise term) fantasy genre. You have many of the fantasy creatures I heard about as a kid on Middle Earth. The close following of the book by the screenplay, the attention to detail in costume and set and the numerous and richly drawn characters makes this film a winner as its predecessors are in my opinion.

In this instance I agree with the critics about this movie up to a point. Like I said I do not think it is the best one in the series. That honor goes to The Lord Of The Rings- The Two Towers (A grade) followed by The Lord Of The Rings- The Fellowship Of The Ring (B+ grade). I give The Lord Of The Rings-The Return Of The King a B grade. It is worth the trip to the theater especially if you love fantasy movies or good filmmaking period.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Speaking of chocolate on vanilla, just heard that senator Strom Thurmond (Thurmond died at the big 100) who was an outspoken segregationist during part of his career in the Senate (I think he once barked, ‘segregation before, segregation now and segregation forever’ or something like that) was having sexual intercourse with the maid, an African –American women and a ‘love child’ resulted. It would seem that Thurmond did not believe in segregation in the bedroom.

Of course back in those days a black woman in the south probably did not have much choice in the matter if she wanted to keep her job (or even keep her life) so it could be considered boss taking advantage of a worker, or sexual assault by today’s standards but it seems that the woman actually cared for him and he cared for her. The old ‘redneck’ was a southern gentleman after all.

It is unfortunate that his rhetoric probably contributed to violence against and even the deaths of many people in the South during his younger years. In this regard he was merely a follower (or maybe a believer- sometimes it’s hard to control ‘balls and cock’) representing the majority of his constituency and leaving his true beliefs between the sheets in that bedroom or in that copulating embrace with ‘forbidden fruit’.

To all those people who thought they were following the beliefs of their great senator and denying themselves loving or even only lustful relationships with people of a different pigmentation all I can say is……’sucker!’

Monday, December 15, 2003

I was just looking at some porn downloaded from the internet. It has sure become easy to get one’s hands on porn in the past few years. The internet has made it extremely easy to view all sorts of sexual material without leaving the comfort of one’s home.

No wonder porn mags are seeing decreasing sales. Who wants to go in a store and ask for an issue of ‘Torpedo Tits’ or something like that when there is all the porn you could want at your fingertips from the comfort of your home.

Anyway in this porn video there was Chocolate on Vanilla action. Chocolate was female and Vanilla was male. Chocolate sat and then leaned forward laying flat on top of Vanilla .The shot was taken from the rear where you could see Chocolate’s mocha peachy bottom. Looks like Chocolate did some shaving between the ‘cheeks’ because there were areas of discoloration in small patches on each ‘cheek’. The shot remained from the rear as Chocolate road Vanilla’s ‘shaft’ which went in and out, and in and out of Chocolate’s ‘reproductive canal’ as Vanilla massaged the ‘cheeks’, ‘hole’ and everywhere else between the ‘cheeks’ (he pulled and grasped at those two ‘halves’ like loaves of rye bread from Europe). It was a short clip. Video takes up so much room on a hard drive.

I haven’t seen the Paris Hilton video but I may look it up one day. It is at the bottom of the things to do list though.

I found out what thebroken website is about. It is how to protect yourself from hackers, how to hack, and how to know that you’ve been hacked. Of course there is a disclaimer that the sponsors of the site are not hackers. The site says that they are like an information gathering (i.e. spy) website on what is happening in the hacker world. So I guess they are saying that they are spying on the hackers in order to inform the public as to what the hackers are doing.

Does this make the Dark Tipper really the Dark Snitcher? Anyway they have links on this site to there moblogs (I think that is what they call a posting of pictures) for each member of the thebroken site.

I went to Dan’s moblog and there were a bunch of photos. There was one photo with him puckered up like he was going to kiss the camera. I was going to post a comment (which would have said, ‘good, now part your lips’) but he wants you to log in (what!). I try only to post anonymously but I guess I lot of members of Techtv were getting rude or unagreeable postings.

I would think they would like that. I would want to know what someone was really thinking. I guess threats of violence would be kind of disconcerting though (but threats of assault are illegal in most States). If you are in the public eye I think you should be prepared for statements not to your liking.

As a rule I do not like posting to boards that ask for too much information. It wastes my time and is an invasion of privacy so only rarely do I post to message boards that want you to ID yourself in any great degree.

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